"Sea Blossoms Floral Design = PERFECTION" -Carolyn

“I went to Sea Blossoms with a vague idea and they crafted several options that perfectly captured the vibe we wanted.

They are a great team!”  -Tina

Listened To Exactly What I Wanted” -Jenny

“They are responsive, flexible, thoughtful, and really

know how to make your vision a reality” -Alissa

“Their attention to detail is incredible!” -Kerry

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  • From Floral Design to Flower Farming!

    We're bringing our very own FARM FRESH FLOWERS to our GROWING list of sustainable practices.

At Sea Blossoms, we specialize in elevated, modern floral designs.

We see things a little differently than most, always hunting down unexpected beauty and drawing inspiration from unlikely places. From sourcing high-end blooms to foraging local elements, every bouquet, every arrangement, every design is unique. We strive to create floral designs that capture that perfect moment, so you can carry the memory with you for a lifetime. 

Our passion for our work extends past turning beautiful things into even more beautiful things. We continue to seek out ways to lessen our footprint on the earth that provides us with such beautiful blossoms. From composting to preserving our leftover flowers to foam-free designs, Sea Blossoms designs are made to reflect the grace of nature in more ways than one.e are now growing our own beautiful blooms and can’t wait for them to be a part of your wedding day!

“Their attention to detail is incredible!”

"Sea Blossoms made my wedding day an ULTIMATE DREAM! These two ladies outdid themselves that day! I was so impressed with the decorations and Floral arrangements, not to mention the bouquets that made me tear up ! These girls really know how to make a brides dream come true! Their attention to detail is incredible and their uniqueness was second to none. I cannot recommend them enough if you are looking for for something special to compliment your big day. They are so friendly, affordable and just AMAZING at what they do! Cheers girls! THANK YOU!"




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