"Sea Blossoms Floral Design = PERFECTION" -Carolyn

“I went to Sea Blossoms with a vague idea and they crafted several options that perfectly captured the vibe we wanted.

They are a great team!”  -Tina

Listened To Exactly What I Wanted” -Jenny

“They are responsive, flexible, thoughtful, and really

know how to make your vision a reality” -Alissa

“Their attention to detail is incredible!” -Kerry

Meet The Designers

Sea Blossoms is a boutique floral and event design studio focused on creating bespoke weddings for adventurous and free-spirited couples. Jamie and Meg combine their passion for art and the ephemeral beauty of flowers to produce elevated and modern events.

Our design studio was born out of an instinctual need to make the world a better and brighter place. Dabbling in just about every art form imaginable between the two of us, our mutual love of flowers became the foundation of Sea Blossoms. With a wildly modest start, we bootstrapped our business in a tiny, dimly-lit, 200 square foot space. (can you say crash course in stress management?!)  As we grew, we quickly saw the massive impact that the floral industry has on our environment. Using single-use plastics and toxic floral foam felt so out of line with what we were putting out into the world.

Our mission statement expanded from presenting awe-inspiring floral art, to include sustainability as a forefront in our design and our business as a whole. This meant working almost exclusively with reusable design mechanics, composting, and preserving unused florals. It meant responsible foraging, finding ways to repurpose the packing materials that every delivery arrives in, and experimenting with new ways to lessen our impact on the world. We're committed to growing a business that's as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside

About Jamie

Hello Beautiful!

I have always felt drawn to help others find the beauty in themselves and in the world around them. I have been greatly inspired by Mother Earth and all of the enrichments she continues to shares with us through nature in the land and in the sea. Throughout my journey as an Artist, I have worked with various mediums but FLOWERS CHOSE ME. And for that, I am forever Grateful. The movement in every stem and the shape of every petal will forever leave me in awe of it’s beauty. 

Along with being the Co-Owner of Sea Blossoms, I am also an Art Therapist and help others see the light so they can bloom the way they were born to be.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with others. Every stem that's chosen is curated to create piece of living art whether it's for your home or it's creating a dream experience for you and your guests on your wedding day!

Follow the Tides and Stay Salty My Loves
...and ALWAYS Wear Flowers In Your hair.



About Meg


Plant/flower lover and power tool fanatic with a whole lot of wanderlust! I’ve always been drawn to the arts and the ocean. I grew up an outdoor kid; constantly surrounded by nature.  I climbed trees and camped out on sailboats. I came home with pebbles in my pocket and dirt under my nails. Made flower crowns from dandelions instead of catch fly balls. When I was stuck inside, I drew and painted and built and created. As a child I was encouraged to foster that mix of creativity and love of the natural world. 

I’ve always been inspired by the joy that my mother brought into this world and her beautiful defiance of the negative. I finally figured out how to capture that amazing childhood and her guidance through flowers; expressing kindness and love with this wonderful symbol of strength and resilience, of beauty and joy. I’ll never stop scouring over books on plant and landscaping with my big brother, devouring anything and everything floriculture, and finding ways to grow.

I’m so happy to keep bringing wonder and beauty into the world with flowers daily and on the biggest days of a client’s life. I love exploring creative new ways to bring something a little unexpected to our designs. I strive to create events that inspire, awe and instill beautiful memories.