"Sea Blossoms Floral Design = PERFECTION" -Carolyn

“I went to Sea Blossoms with a vague idea and they crafted several options that perfectly captured the vibe we wanted.

They are a great team!”  -Tina

Listened To Exactly What I Wanted” -Jenny

“They are responsive, flexible, thoughtful, and really

know how to make your vision a reality” -Alissa

“Their attention to detail is incredible!” -Kerry


Good question! With either level of service you will get stunning event florals well worth the investment. If you don’t need all the “bells and whistles” like delivery, setup and large installations then A La Carte is your gal! Additionally if you’ve set your budget below $3500 for flowers, then A La Carte should be right up your alley.      Don’t want to lift a finger on your wedding day? Your best fit is going to be Full Service. We’ll roll out the red carpet, provide you with an unparalleled level of customer service and take care of every little bit of setup, delivery and logistics.     Either way, you’ll get the best of the best and will be well taken care for your big day!

We work with a range of budgets depending on your needs. This isn’t an easy one to answer as each and every one of our designs is completely custom and is dictated by how minimal or extravagant you’d like to get. For an average wedding of about 175 guests, you can expect to start at $5000. This typically includes personal flowers for approximately a dozen people, centerpieces for the reception, ceremony florals and a few accent pieces throughout the venues.

While there's no industry standard for this, we suggest somewhere from 8-10 months prior to your date. But let your planning style and wedding date help dictate your timeline.If your date is in the middle of the busiest wedding season, you're going to need to book further out to ensure the florist you want is available.  Planning your wedding with a shorter timeline? Booking just a few months out is an option as well, so long as we've got availability on your date!

In a nutshell - flower quality/cost, design, client experience and the skill level of the floral designer. Let's say you've decided on the number of floral items you'd like. You reach out to florists for quotes and receive wildly different prices. A florist that has provided you a quote on the lower end will most likely be using lower priced flowers. The higher price tag from a different designer will usually mean much more expensive flowers, a higher level of customer service and more experience. 

You can look at it like buying a car. You can purchase a used car at a very good price and that vehicle can get you where you need to go. Or if you want the luxuries of a new car you'll likely be willing to pay more to get the comfy ride, style and all the bells and whistles. It can be difficult to match your wants to your budget when shopping for wedding flowers as it's usually a first for most folks. However, if you're transparent about your floral wants and your budget needs, any good florist will be able to let you know what's doable and how to pair down your design to fit within your budget.

Don't fret! We've been known to work some last minute magic!Although we've had clients book us more than 2 years in advance, we can still pull off an equally extraordinary wedding in MUCH less time. We have A La Carte options that you can order as little as a month in advance.  And if we're all booked up, we'll happily suggest a great florist that fit your needs. Just reach out and see what we can do for you!